Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm Not Dead Yet

Well, hello.

It's been a couple of days. Basically, I'm at maximum stress level and, because I'm about to go out of town, I'm preemptively watching about 5-7 Voyagers a day to keep up. I don't like to write posts while I'm watching because that means I can't really pay attention to the episode. But I don't want to just leave you hanging. Leaving you hanging increases my stress level.  I end up staring at the ceiling out of some kind of defeated "how can I ever go back to my blog" feeling. Ridiculous.

In an effort to remedy this situation, here are some quick impressions of a few episodes I've seen lately:

The Swarm:
I love tiny alien ships.
Kes and The Doctor's relationship is so perfect in this one and The Doctor's memory loss is heartbreaking.

False Prophets:
Ferengi Hijinks! YES!
I'm a little sad that Jeffrey Combs didn't make an appearance in this one as a Ferengi other than Brunt.

Kes is terrifying. I miss her already and she's not even gone yet.
She's playing this smarmy evil guy so well she actually set off my smarmy evil guy sexy meter. Because that's a thing.
Oh. My. Yes.
Hell Yes.
This is basically Janeway McClane. This woman is a super scientist with muscles and a badass knife.
She is my hero.

Future's End:
Tuvok, you're wearing a tank top and sneakers.
I watched this episode really late at night and, for whatever reason, I felt like Ed Begley Jr playing pinball was the absolute most menacing thing I have ever seen in my life:

For real though. Go watch this and tell me you
aren't creeped out by Ed playing pinball.
I'll be back with a whole post about Future's End and Macrocosm. I can't not write more about Janeway knife fighting a bunch of giant flying viruses.


  1. Macrocosm always freaks me out, because the size the germs grow to on the ship, is kind of how I picture everyday cold and virus germs. Complete with vicious thrusting stingers, hell-bent on impaling me with infection and ickiness. lol

  2. Warlord was cliché but one of my favorite Kes ep. Granted, she wasn't my favorite character, though.

    I loved 'Future's End'. Many people didn't. But I liked the jab at who we all knew he was supposed to be and, of course, a very young Sarah Silverman.


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