Monday, October 14, 2013

New Series and Maybe Alien-Induced Headaches

So I saw this news today. Apparently Bob Orci went around hinting that maybe, possibly, perhaps there might be a new Trek on TV sometime in the near future. I cannot tell you how incredibly happy I would be if this happened. (I'm talking jump up and down while eating cupcakes whilst chucking glitter all over the place) Unfortunately, it doesn't seem super likely. Multiple big name people have tried to launch multiple new Treks since the sad death of Enterprise but no dice. I've got a feeling Paramount isn't going to potentially compromise their successful movie franchise by possibly introducing a show that might distract from it. But, you never know, the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek is right around the corner. Maybe we'll get a brand new crew on the small screen when it rolls around.

In other news, I watched Scientific Method a few days ago and, seriously, I'm pretty sure those creepy, creepy aliens crawled out of my TV in the middle of the night and have been jamming long needles into my brain ever since.
In other words, I have a headache.
Sure, I guess is could be allergies. Or, it could be stress. But I'm pretty convinced it's the alien thing.

Trek crew members being abducted/experimented on isn't new. Riker, Geordi and some chick Riker saved all got probed "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" style back in TNG. And, Amelia Earhart was straight up abducted and brought to the Delta Quadrant. But, nowhere in Star Trek is alien experimentation as creepy and unexpected as it is in Voyager's Season Four episode, Scientific Method.

Go check this one out. And, if you get a headache or some other weird ailment (like way-too-fast aging or a sudden resurfacing of your grandpa's genes) let me know.


  1. I would love it if there was a new Star Trek show but doubt it will happen, seems strange that it has been around 50years

  2. I would totally give a new Trek a try. I bet one day there will be a new series.

  3. First of all, yes more ST, please. :)
    Second of all, I am loving all this Voyager talk. My fave series!!
    Third of all, this episode genuinely freaked me out and I think about it a lot. I love this episode, it's one of my favs.


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