Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bitten By Robin Hood

This morning I got up, made breakfast, sat down with my coffee and turned on the TV. This is what I saw:
"I protest. I am NOT a merry man!"
I'd hoped to get up early and get immediately to work before my LIVE EVENT at Bitten By started but allergies meant that I was tossing and turning all night and got up late. So here I sit, in my pajamas, watching Star Trek: Robin Hood and getting ready for a big stop on my Blog Tour for Awesome Jones.

I'll be replying to comments all day so come by and check it out. You can read an interview, ask a question, and possibly win a dandy Amazon Gift Card!

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You can check out my Blog Tour stop by heading over to Bitten By Books any time today!

So, this Robin Hood episode (4x20: Qpid). I went back into my archives to retrieve the post I surely must have written about this one. Apparently, I went about watching all of Star Trek in a year and somehow neglected to write about the time Q pulled Picard and his crew into medieval England, dressed them up like Robin Hood and his merry men and set them off to rescue Picard's jilted one-time-Risa-girlfriend, Vash, from the clutches of Guy of Gisborne.

As a kid, I didn't like Vash. As an adult, though, I almost love her. She's sassy, headstrong, interesting and always up for an adventure. Wherever she goes, she shakes things up. And I admire that. If I were just messing around at an Anthropology Symposium and Q showed up and offered to whisk me off to lands unknown, and my one-time-Risa-boyfriend wasn't paying me any attention, I think I'd be off in a jiffy too.

Anyway, this one is full of gems. From Geordi attempting to play the lute to Worf's disgust with the whole situation and Picard's almost-enjoyment of his role as Robin Hood, this one is a classic example of the kinds of fun, ridiculous adventures the TNG crew always seemed to be getting up to. It's a romp. And you know how much I love romps.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Total Eclipse

When I was a kid, not long after my parents' divorce, I lived with my mom in a big apartment complex in North Carolina. I was having a rough time in school. Weird kids always stick out and I was no exception. I was introverted but loud, socially awkward but a perpetual new kid. In the last years of my parents' marriage I'd become an avid Star Trek: TNG fan and in the years following their divorce that didn't change. I was obsessed with space, astronauts, astronaut ice cream and Trek.

And that's why, in the early 90s, when my mom found out about an upcoming lunar eclipse she helped me stay up all night long to watch it. I couldn't hang and kept conking out. But my mom stayed up. Armed with two rolls of slow speed film and a Vietnam-era Fujica, my mom camped out on our balcony documenting the eclipse for her daughter.

Days later, she developed the film and I took it to my class for Show & Tell. I knew at the time that I was doing stuff other kids didn't do--for a previous Show & Tell, I took fossils I'd spent the summer collecting with my dad--but that was ok with me. It still is. I wish I still had those pictures. I'll bet my mom still does.

Anyway, I'll be outside tonight snapping crappy pictures of the eclipse with my iphone.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Interviews, Shakespeare, Etc.

Here's some book news:

#1- I was recently interviewed by Katie Beer Pilkington over at The Nested Blog. You can go check it out and read what I have to say about life, comic books, and writing and enter to win a signed copy of Awesome Jones! Go do it!

#2- On Tuesday, April 15th, I'll be doing a LIVE EVENT to promote Awesome Jones over on Bitten By Books! They're giving away a $35.00 Amazon Gift Card for one lucky winner!!! You can RSVP to the event and doing so will give you 25 extra entries! Go do this also!!!