Thursday, April 5, 2018

Generic Ensign's Vlog: Voyager 4

Ok, well, it's been an adventure. Turns out my green screen wasn't bright enough or green enough so when I shot the first version of the next video it was a total mess. I mean, yes, some of the charm of Generic Ensign is that it's kind of low-rent but this was... over the edge.

So I re-shot it. And, ok, good. Great. It looked way better. But, then I ended up not being ok with one of the logs. Not the video, but the premise behind it so... I took a while to think about it and re-cut with another clip I'd meant to use later and anyway, now there's finally a 4th Installment of Generic Ensign's Voyager journey for you!

And... you get the premier of my Voyager Jacket. Hooray! You'll notice here that the jacket looks a little more blue than peacock/teal and that's because, while my new green screen (a huge piece of lime fleece) works brilliantly, the program I use, as a side-effect of eliminating green, sucks out a fair portion of the greenish hue from the jacket top. So, yeah, it looks a little more blue than it maybe should but, seriously, you should (not) have seen the first version.

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