Monday, June 17, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

So while I was away (meeting people who don't live in my house) I ended up fielding a lot of questions about this blog. It occurred to me that I ought to create a page for the most common questions I'm asked.

1- When you say you're watching all of Star Trek, how much Star Trek do you mean?
-When I say "all," I mean ALL. Every episode of every Star Trek series and every film.

2- How many episodes is that?
-There are 726 episodes of Star Trek across 30 seasons of varying series and 12 films.

3- What about the cartoon?
-Yep. I watched all of the Animated Series in January/February.

4- How many do you have to watch a day?
-About three. Sometimes I get behind and then have to catch up.

5- Do you actually watch them all or are they just on?
-For the most part I actually watch them and take notes. I've seen most of these many, many, many times so occasionally I'll work on an illustration project or something while I'm watching but I never leave the room while it's on. If it's a rare episode that I have never seen (this happened once in TOS) or one that I haven't seen in a very long time, I watch it closely--sometimes more than once.

6- What's with all the art?
-I'm a writer and artist so sometimes I feel more inspired to make art about an episode or element of the show. The Young Naturalist series is an example of this.

7- So you did a contest where you illustrated your readers as their preferred Star Trek species? Are you going to do that again?
-I'm not sure if I'll be doing the exact same thing again but I will have another art-focused contest.

8- How long have you been a Star Trek fan?
-Basically since before I was born. My parents were both Trekkies and I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't watch it.

9- I'd like to do a guest post. Is that ok?
-If you're interested in doing a guest post or some guest art, let me know. While I haven't done many of those before, it's certainly something I'm open to.

Do you have a question that I haven't answered? Leave it in the comments! 


  1. Hey there! My name's Jonathan, and I - along with my girlfriend Tracy - really love your project! We're doing something similar, but we're just reviewing various STAR TREK episodes throughout the summer. We kind of put a more humorous slant on our reviews, but we both love TREK dearly. I was hoping you could check us out at - if you like what you read, maybe we could cross-promote our blogs and get each other some new readership? Thanks so much for your work!

  2. I am watching them all as well, but it will take me more than a year. I like to watch ST while I eat. I have seen all of them multiple times, except Enterprise, which I watched for the first time last year. What has impressed me the most recently is how sorely I underestimated the quality of the Voyager episodes the first time around. (life was much harder back then) This time I watched them in order and realized they are actually quite good, if not the best of the bunch I dare say.

    I'm currently reviewing TNG, and will catch up on DS9 next. I was watching these things on VHS (yes I used to program a VHS recorder to record them while I was at work) possibly before you were born. LOL!!


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