Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DS9: The Way Of The Warrior

Today I watched the Season Four opener, "The Way Of The Warrior." This one is actually a two-parter and both parts are just filled to the brim with ridiculously epic craziness:

#1- Sisko shaved his head:
Hell yes. 
Basically this means that, according to my own seemingly random "hotness criteria," Sisko just became like 300% more attractive. 

#2- Worf shows up. Finally!
For real though: Hell Yes. 
#3- Lots of intrigue
When we start out in season four, the Dominion has basically declared full-on war with our quadrant of space and the Cardassians have suspiciously closed their borders. There's a very "trust no one" vibe going around. 

#4- Tons of Klingons
General Martok and loads of other Klingons show up at DS9 ready to do some super-secret, super-serious war mongering. It's up to our favorite Klingon to figure out what's the what. He's none to happy about it but that's ok because while we wait for him to figure everything out there are plenty of rowdy Klingons hilariously wreaking havoc on Quark's. 

#5- The "I need a new suit" scene
Basically the DS9 crew needs to get some secret info to the Cardassians but can't tell anyone about it outright. It's a good thing they just happen to know a tailor who's extra good at spying. 

#6- Kira and Dax Playing Pretend
Kira has always HATED holosuites but Dax finally talks her into to messing around in fake Camelot. I spent several tense moments in this one wishing Worf would say, "I am NOT a merry man."

#7- Dax and Worf Chilling Out Together
Of course, when I say "chilling out" what I mean is hacking wildly at each other with bat'leths while Dax teases Worf about how she'll take it easy on him. This is good stuff. 

#8- Crazy Time! 
This two-parter contains what's probably the most epic hand-to-hand battle in all the Star Trek TV series. The Klingon/Starfleet/Bajoran/Cardassian skirmish which takes place aboard the freaking space station is AMAZING! I mean it's basically Helm's Deep in there. 

I cannot wait for the rest of Season Four. 


  1. The Dax/Worf bat'leth fight is what initiated my life-long (well, it's been a long time) desire for a bat'leth of my own.

    1. Did you ever get one?! I would love to have a sword rack with various swords. All I have so far is the Kill Bill katana.

    2. I haven't bought one yet. I haven't found one that looks authentic enough without breaking my budget. I've gotten pretty good at crafting, though, so I've recently been considering buying a cheap one and making it look better. I do have two swords-- the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda, and Duncan MacLeod's katana.

  2. EPIC.

    Bald Sisko...
    Worf & his new eyebrows...
    Kira & Dax cosplay...
    Space station Helm's Deep...

    I just watched this yesterday. Now I think I may watch it again tonight.

    1. Oh man, KJ! Yesterday in my notes I literally wrote, "WTF! Did Worf get new eyebrows or have I just not seen him in a while?!"


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