Thursday, June 6, 2013

Into Darkness: A Family Affair

Check out my new tattoo:

Just kidding--it'll wash off. Today I took my mom, sister and little brother to see Star Trek: Into Darkness and it was great! Not only were we the only people there (Thursday at noon in a small town) but the chain had a ton of giveaway stuff. We each got a poster, trading cards and temporary tattoos.

My family loved the movie. My sister was way into the baddie and my mom even started crying at some Spock stuff. The movie was just as amazing the second time around. I caught some stuff I didn't get the first time--like where they get the ship that they take to Qo'noS. It was a truly great experience. Of course here's the real reason I was so thrilled about it:

My brother loved it and when we got home he asked if we could watch an episode of TOS. So if you need me, that's where I'll be--watching a TV show from 1966 with my mom who watched the original run as a little girl, my eighteen-year-old sister, and my nine-year-old brother.


  1. Would you ever get a real tattoo like that? I have a friend who's a mad Star Wars fan and she got the Rebellion symbol tattooed on her back, which other people thought was a crazy thing to do but all I thought was "There's nothing more beautiful than a girl and her fandom".

  2. Star Trek Generations. It's so nice that you are able to share Trek with your family and especially a 9 year old boy. I was 8 or 9 when I first watched Star Trek but 19 when I could finally watch it regularly on tv. Now all these years later I have all of the shows & the movies (except Into Darkness which I haven't yet seen) and will watch all throughout the years. I hope ST is there for many more generations. My experience of watching all of Star Trek took me 2 years, mainly because I couldn't get the dvds easily here in India for the tv shows so I downloaded them.


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