Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Young Naturalist #6

In the last ten days I've been in Los Angeles, North Carolina, and Vancouver or, to put it in terms more familiar to me: Star Trek, American Gothic, and The X-Files. It was sunny, warm, and dry in LA when I left and storming when I got to my mom's house. Vancouver is misty, cool, and beautiful. We even got to take a walk through Vancouver's huge Stanley Park:

But the traveling seems to have caught up with me today. Not only do I have a mountain of work to catch up on, but I have a weird sore throat and a runny nose. All I really want to do right this moment is sit at the hotel desk, watch Star Trek, and eat soup. So that's what I'm doing.

While watching Season 3 of DS9, I FINALLY managed to got finished with another Young Naturalist post. This one features the Corvan Gilvo--a lizard species which, like phasmatodea, possess a naturally occurring camouflage which makes them indistinguishable from trees and foliage. The Corvan Gilvo can be first seen in the TNG episode, "New Ground." Remember? When Alexander gets himself stuck in the biolab and Worf saves him and then Riker saves the lizard because it's super endangered? Quark can also be seen stroking one in "The Nagus" because the best way to show your new status/wealth is to let everyone know about your new, super endangered pet.  Anyway, here's my vintage naturalist rendition of the Corvan Gilvo:

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