Sunday, June 2, 2013

Away Mission: Part 1

Like Picard and the rest of the Star Trek captains/commanders, I have a hard time taking a vacation.  I don't like leaving home. I don't like being around people. I don't like the process of traveling. If I could just beam somewhere then maybe--maybe--I'd be better about it. But not if it involves being away from my husband. In these cases, I resist. I book as late as I possibly can. I sit around hoping things will get cancelled. Then, reluctantly, I resign myself to my fate and just decide to accept the away mission.

Since Scott and I started dating we've been virtually inseparable. We're lucky enough that we have almost everything in common and we've spent months at a time together, seeing each other pretty much 24-7 without ever growing tired of one another. We're two introverts who just happened to find each other and were smart enough to never let go. That's great.

It's not so great, though, when we have to be apart. Scott's working out of town this week so I thought I'd take the opportunity to visit some family and get back to the mountains for a few days. It's not a long trip but it sucks to be apart. I booked my flight so I could go to the airport and gate with him--even though I would have to wait over three hours before my own flight in another terminal after he left .I blew him a kiss. I watched him board the plane and then I even watched it take off. It was the kind of thing that just never happens anymore.

Walking to my own gate, I pretended I was in an old movie and the muzak piping in was some legit Henry Mancini and everything was in black and white. Then I saw this:

Yes, even pictures of this movie's poster have lens flairs.
And I felt a little better. I know I'll see Scott again in a few days. Till then, I'm just going to try and enjoy my away mission. I'll let you know how it goes. 

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  1. Safe travels to you- soak in the experience of your away mission, and may the homecoming be sweet!


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