Saturday, June 8, 2013

Away Mission: Part 2

I get pretty bad motion sickness. Yes, I've actually used those little white paper bags they keep in the seat pockets. To remedy this problem, I take dramamine but it makes me super drowsy/loopy. On the way to North Carolina from Los Angeles, on a 1AM flight, I was pretty out of it. Falling in and out of sleep, I saw something playing on the overhead screens. I saw Star Trek uniforms and the Vasquez Rocks but everything was a little weird. Finally I realized--it was The Big Bang Theory's Star Trek episode:
I made it to North Carolina, spent time with my family, and told them about the experience. It seemed really awesome that I'd seen almost Star Trek on my flight. Then, a few days later, it was time to go. I hugged and kissed my family goodbye. The second part of my away mission--joining my husband in Vancouver where he was spending the week working--was about to begin. But it would mean two flights and about twelve hours of travel and I was already exhausted by the time I got to my second flight. Then the TV came on and this is what I saw:
Yep. Not only was Star Trek: The Next Generation playing on my teensy airplane TV, but it was my favorite episode. It's a pretty great start to the second half of my away mission. 


  1. I love when stuff like that happens! It's like the universe is saying hi.

  2. LOL! If I'd seen that when I was slightly drugged out, I probably would have spent the whole time trying to work out which episode it was :D


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