Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching Up

So today I finished Episode 63 (Visionary) of DS9. That's great because it means I'm right on schedule. The problem is that I feel like I've written too few posts about DS9. While I was traveling, I managed to watch quite a few episodes but didn't have much opportunity to write about them. Here's hoping I can remedy that in coming posts. Also, I haven't been doing Weekend Roundup lately. Do you miss those posts? Would you like me to bring them back?

Anyway, here are my thoughts about a few recent episodes:

Episode 51: Second Skin
-In this one, Kira is kidnapped by Cardassians and surgically altered to look like one of them. She's told that she was never a Bajoran but the daughter of a high ranking Cardassian official and an operative in the Obsidian Order tasked with infiltrating the Bajoran underground.
-I love this one. Kira has some really great stuff here, including actually bonding with her "father." She is faced with the possibility that she might actually be the thing she's always most hated. It's interesting from top to bottom.
-Garak's involvement at the end of the story is great.
-Kira may hate Spoonheads but she certainly looks lovely in their skin:
For real though, let's keep her this way for a few episodes. 

Episode 52: The Abandoned
-Quark accidentally buys a baby. Woops! 
-Actually, that baby is a freaking Jem'Hadar and its growth-rate is turned up to 11. 
-Its inborn hatred of all things human is also turned up to 11. Quark bought a jerk. 
-Odo, also a foundling from a dark part of space, takes the Jem'Hadar under his gooey wing and because it's Star Trek we all assume everything'll be coming up roses within 45 minutes. Then you remember, this may be Star Trek, but it's also Deep Space Nine. 
"You know if we were on the Enterprise, we could be BFF at the end of all this."

Episode 53: Civil Defense
-This is one of my very favorite episode of DS9. It's nonstop fun. 
-Thanks to some O'Brien/Jake shenanigans, the entire station goes into a ridiculous Cardassian lockdown protocol and various members of the crew are trapped all around the station--basically a kickass bottle episode. 
-There's a literal ticking clock with stakes that continually rise to things like, you know, self destruction.
-Oh, and Gul Dukat shows up and totally flirts with Kira. It's a beautiful thing. 
-Also, this sequence is awesome: 
Allow me to drink this tea while my counter-insurgency program shoots death lasers at you.  

Huh. I actually had no intention of writing about three sequential episodes. These are the first three I thought of. We'll see what comes next! 


  1. Kira does look lovely as a Cardassian, doesn't she.

  2. Hah. Spoonhead. Every time there's a Cardassian on screen, I have an incredible urge to fit my thumb into that divot.


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