Thursday, October 24, 2013

Voyager: Bliss

In Bliss, the entire crew becomes consumed by the idea that they're about to get home. Their optimism overrides all logic (yes, even with Tuvok) and the only people with any sense in their heads are Seven and Naomi Wildman. They eventually learn (from Voyager's very own Captain Ahab) that the false sensor readings and hallucinations experienced by the crew are all the product of a gigantic space monster. This freaking cloud of doom shows everyone exactly what they want to see in order to lure them into its belly.

Everyone wants to go home so the beast shows them Earth, letters from family, a quick way back, the works. That's why Seven and Naomi Wildman aren't affected. They've never seen Earth. They don't give a crap about San Francisco or seeing their old buddies at Starfleet or whatever. They're perfectly happy messing around in Astrometrics, charting the Delta Quadrant and eating Neelix's crazy casseroles.

I was thinking about that today as I was unpacking. It's been pretty busy around here. We didn't just move, we moved to another town. That means all new utilities companies to deal with, a new gym, a new neighborhood. The days have slipped by and the last two nights I've gone to bed with the realization that I did not write a blog post. The guilt when I don't write a post is tremendous.

I was visited by a similar kind of monster--the move. It made me think, "Oh yeah. I totally wrote a post today. I'm not letting myself and my readers down in any way. I'm sure it's fine. I bet I'll wake up in the morning and there'll be comments in my inbox."

But then I'd realize that the space monster (ie- a room full of unpacked books) was just screwing with me and I'd have to go all Ahab on it (with a box cutter) probably screaming things about how from Hell's heart I stab at thee etc etc. And then, once I'd overcome my delusion and put down my wordless directions to my Ikea bookshelves, I'd realize that I'd have to write a post.

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