Monday, October 28, 2013


So I'm pretty excited about the new JJ Abrams show, "Almost Human." It's about a cranky cop (with a shiny futuristic prosthesis) and his optimistic robot partner who super wants to be human. Because it's a buddy cop show, they develop a unique friendship.
I like both of those guys, I think the concept sounds promising, and I typically like the way FOX does SciFi. Because I started watching Sleepy Hollow I've been subjected to about a million promos for the show and, since I live in LA, the billboards for this thing are everywhere. Surprisingly, the over-saturation hasn't diminished my interest in the series. But today I heard something kind of strange. Someone (TV Guide?) called it, "TVs first Ro-Bro-Mance." The rest of the internet (and FOX) ran with this catchy little portmanteau and now it's everywhere.

I don't have any problem with the word itself but, come on, TVs first Ro-Bro-Mance?

I don't think so:

These guys were Ro-Bro-Mancincing their way across the galaxy back in 1989. 


  1. I admit, I had to look up the term Ro-Bro-Mance. But... yeah. Fully agree here- the Data/Geordie 'ship is decades old!

    P.S.- Would it be wrong for me to call in sick to my very new job, just so I can have a day to try to catch up w/ viewing? I'm over a season behind you, which sadly makes it hard for me to read & respond to your posts. But your year is running down! I can't let these last months/weeks slip by without participating...

    1. Firstly: Congratulations on the new job!!! Yay!
      Secondly: A sick day to watch Star Trek? Sounds legit to me! Maybe you should just do the essentials until you can get to a place where you can manage a couple episodes a day. You definitely have to stick around! The blog wouldn't be the same without you!

  2. So Karl Urban is both McCoy *and* Geordi? This show gets more and more exciting every day.

  3. I haven't really seen much about this show, but it does sound like fun.

    Seriously, though, you are right one about Geordi and Data. Duh.

  4. Yes Data and Geordi had a ro-bro-mance years ago


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