Thursday, October 10, 2013

Voyager: Season 3 Essentials

Life here is pretty crazy right now. My first book deadline is tomorrow and we're moving in about a week. I spent the day packing, watching Voyager and freaking out. Somehow I'm already ten episodes into Season Four so I figured I ought to get these essentials up!

Future's End Parts 1 & 2
Watch this one because it was kind of a big deal. It's also really reminiscent of the 90's, which is often hilarious all by itself. Sarah Silverman is a geeky astronomer and Ed Begley Jr is a creepy/totally convincing baddie.
Bonus Points for use of the word "freakasaurus."

Distant Origin
I recently wrote an entire post about this one wherein I went on and on about its brilliance/importance. I love this one. It's a remarkable example of the kind of thing Star Trek does well and it's told with
Dinosaur main characters.
Bonus Points for a truly endearing catch phrase, "Eyes open."

Janeway is a badass. End of story.

Worst Case Scenario
I didn't get a chance to write about this one as I watched Season Three but it's awesome. B'Elanna finds an exciting, addictive holo-novel about the Maquis crew taking over Voyager. This one's rompy and very fun.

Scorpion Parts 1 & 2
If you don't watch this season finale/season premier, you're going to be super lost when giant bugs from fluidic space end up in a Mexican standoff with Voyager and the Borg later on.

Runners Up:

False Profits:
Ferengis in the Delta Quadrant. Ethan Phillips reprising his original Star Trek race as one of the miserly little butt heads. People wandering around with gold ears hanging around their necks. It must be a Voyager-style romp.:

Sulu and Yeoman Rand are apparently part of Tuvok's history. Janeway gets to frolic around in her friend's 23rd century memories serving tea to George Takei and participating in the events of Star Trek VI. It's pretty awesome:

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  1. Oh, I've fallen so far behind since you started Voyager! I may just have to use this Essentials list to cheat a little bit, so I can get myself somewhat caught up. I like to stay roughly around the spot where you're posting, but I'm just now starting the first part of Future's End. Whoa, Sarah Silverman.


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