Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seven Is My Spirit Animal

In the very first season of Voyager, Chakotay sits down with Janeway in her ready room and attempts to guide her through the process of finding her spirit animal. I remember watching this episode in its first run in my room on my (beloved, very own) crappy, old tv. I remember thinking that I ought to figure out my spirit animal. Of course, as I was about ten years old, I promptly forgot about this endeavor. But, this week as I was watching Season Four at warp speed and Seven of Nine monotoned into my days and nights, I realized that I don't need any further meditation to find my inner, mystical self. Seven is my spirit animal. Here's why:

I often lack tact and have trouble making friends.
(Something I'm completely ok with.)
I basically live for breakfast. 
I'm kind of a badass.
(Or at least I aspire to be.) 
Again with the tact.
(Sexy talk isn't something I understand. You can tell because I call it "sexy talk")
I have absurd nightmares about singing in public.
(This one doesn't move. You can stop staring.)
However, I do sing at home basically all the time:

And, just like Seven, my hero is Janeway:


  1. Seven is a perfectly acceptable spirit animal in my book! And I think it's great that you call it "sexy talk"!

  2. Great post! I enjoyed watching Seven in “The Raven” yesterday. Voyager stands out for showing examples of women helping each other, relating in a positive way, far more than any other Trek series. TOS women are all focused on men it seems. Troi had Lwaxana, but she was mostly a comic stereotype of motherhood. Dax and Kira had a casual friendship as fellow officers. But Janeway has sustained, sympathetic, guiding interactions with B’Elanna, Kes, and Seven...she rescues them, gives them moral support and guidance for life. She’s my idol too!

    1. Rayna, absolutely. Last night I was watching "Once Upon A Time" which deals again with a Mother/Daughter bond and one that I'm looking forward to writing about. I love the lasting, endearing, relationships between the women of this show.


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