Monday, October 21, 2013

What The Hell, Harry Kim?

So today (shenanigans courtesy awful Time Warner Cable) I only managed to watch one Voyager. Ridiculous. Don't these people know I have a schedule to keep?

Anyway, I watched Timeless wherein Chakotay and Harry Kim get stuck in the future and end up getting bossed around by Cranky Geordi. Everyone has sexy gray hair and they're all mad at each other (and themselves) because Harry Kim sucks at math and led to Voyager's crash into a glacier planet.
This is a great episode (made even better by Drunk Seven and Janeway's Fancy Dinner Party) but there's a really interesting scene at the end that made me think, "Man, Harry Kim, what the hell?"

It seems like this dude is ALWAYS getting into trouble. He's like the Will Robinson of Star Trek. Examples? He woke up in some lady's freaking coffin in another dimension and then had to die to get back to Voyager. He was kidnapped by some kind of light-energy-Grendel, was turned into a super old guy and a baby by a clown in a fake reality, incarcerated in a seriously crappy prison with Tom Paris, and got stabbed by Species 8472. He was seduced by a planet of women who were all way to into his body (and by body I mean his genetic material, and by genetic material I mean they were going to murder him and leave him a dried out old husk of an Ensign) and he was one of the few crewmen left conscious during the entire ship's worst (best?) FPS experience ever in The Killing Game. Of course, none of this even compares to the time he actually died and was replaced by an alternate version of himself.

And I'm only in Season Five.

So, what the hell, Harry Kim? Let's take a step back from now on. Maybe we shouldn't get into so much trouble. Maybe we should think about letting someone else head up the away team or do the math for today's experimental warp test. Use some caution. That's all I'm saying.

Maybe Harry will be ok. Maybe he won't get into any more trouble for the next couple seasons. Besides, what could go wrong?

It's not like he's going to go on to fall in love with an alien he can never be with or date a hologram who gets turned into a cow, or be reunited with (yet another) lost love who he can't be with. He probably won't beam a dangerous warhead onto Voyager or retain the memories of an absolutely horrendous massacre.

Yeah. Harry Kim will probably be just fine.

That's right. Smile while you can, Harry. 

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  1. I remember being 10 when the Timeless episode aired and being so upset that everyone was dead that I cried. And then my mom wouldn't let me watch Star Trek again for a while.


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