Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Voyager: Year of Hell

A few days ago I watched "Year of Hell." It's a well-known episodes and unquestionably one of the best 2-parters in Voyager. This is a concept that was hinted at in the third season and then brought back to great effect in the fourth. Basically, Voyager wanders into Krenim territory without realizing that this region of space is in dispute and that the Krenim are desperately trying to "correct" the effects of a war by messing around with the timelines. Voyager is caught in the middle and all but destroyed. Months go by. Eventually, they've been flying around in Krenim space for nearly a year.

Any episode where Janeway's all greased up and
wearing a tank top instantly takes a place in my top ten. 
The character stuff in this one, especially between Seven and Tuvok, is great. Janeway's unfailing dedication to her crew is touching as always and developments in characters like Neelix and Chakotay are interesting and unexpected. It's a great episode and if you haven't seen in in a while (or ever) you should check it out.

It's funny because, as I was watching this episode, I was pretty caught up in it. I didn't think about the fact that I've had my own "Year Of" right here on the blog. Then, yesterday, Scott figured out that there's just a little over ten weeks left in 2013. I almost cried.

He said, "It's ok. You're going to get through all the episodes."

"I know. I just don't want it to be over."

My Year of Star Trek hasn't involved any vengeful temporal scientists bent on 100% restoration or my security officer being blinded in an explosion but it has been pretty crazy. Star Trek, for the last ten months, has filled my days, nights, dreams, and writing. It (as I recently discovered when some friends from out of town came by) is the subject of all my "humorous" anecdotes. I've made new friendships, new relationships, met LeVar Burton and Jonathan Frakes, got a book deal, moved and am about to move again. A part of my life that was once very private has become public. It has been startling and scary to share that part of myself with strangers. But it's also been rewarding. I can't believe I only have a few weeks left. It doesn't seem possible. This year hasn't been a year of hell but I suddenly find myself worrying that, without keeping up this project as I have done, next year will be.

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  1. Episodes like this make me pretty confident in my assertion that Voyager is actually the best ST. Janeway is definitely my favorite captain. And when you put it all together like that, you've had one hell of a year!


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