Friday, May 31, 2013

What's Going On Here

When I first started this blog, I created a very simple "About" page. Since then My Year Of Star Trek has grown and evolved. I'm heading into my sixth month so I thought I'd create a Captain's Vlog to better explain what's going on here. Enjoy:

If you, like me, don't like watching stuff like this online and would rather just read it, or if you don't (for some reason) want to stare at my face for five minutes, I will try to post a transcript of this tomorrow as an addendum to this post. 

PS- Enjoy my shout out to Buckaroo Banzai.

PPS- I know the thumbnail of this video features me making a totally weirdo face. Yes, I make that face all the time. 


  1. Thank you for doing this. You are trying to keep this site a pretty good one and without any drama. Keep doing what you are doing, let nothing stop you.

  2. AshleyRose, I enjoy Star Trek. It hasn't transformed my life in the way that its transformed yours, but I do enjoy it, the Next Generation especially.

    But I'll confess to you that I don't love Star Trek. I'm a fan, but not a fanatic. A lot of times I've thought about emulating what you're doing here. A year of watching Buffy. Or Batman the Animated Series, He-Man, Transformers, what have you.

    The reason I read your blog isn't because I love Star Trek. It's because I love how much YOU love it. I love when people are passionate about their fictional worlds, their imaginary friends, their fandoms. I may be posting less in the coming days (at least until Worf and/or Q returns in DS9 or the StG movies) but I'm still reading.

    I"m sorry you had to experience any geek-on-geek hate. But the internet is often not a place for thoughtful responses. Angry, anonymous messages are all too easy to send. But please know that the loving, slow to write readers are also there. And there are, I daresay, more of the latter than the former.


  3. People are being mean? That's such a shame, the reason I've always loved this fandom is the "we're all in this together" mentality that we're so well known for.

  4. This blog is awesome, I love it, I love you, keep doing what you're doing. "it's not okay" I agree. Geekdom has become mean "behind the anonymity of the internet" for sure. And it's sad. DW fans are the worst.

  5. AshleyRose, you are a sweetheart. The earnest and well-intentioned desire you have to share your love of anything, is welcome in the face of the bulk of hate and negativity that people spew into the internet.

    Thank you, not only for sharing this forum... but for sharing the difficulties that you're having, and thus allowing appreciators to offer you support and affirmation that you're doing a good thing, and doing it well, and in the very spirit of the "story" that Star Trek is.

    Thank you also for obviously keeping these comments pages free of the vitriol that (some) bitter beings feel entitled to deliver their poison to. Stay the course. And if for no other reason: keep going because you love it. And love, and art, and appreciation, and gentleness, and wisdom, and perspective, all need to be expressed. You are part of the positive balance. Be encouraged... and never fear being the bully when the bullies cry foul. The bad guys always deserve a little bloody nose to develop empathy.

    ***web hug***


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