Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sick Day

Today I felt pretty awful. It started out great but took a bad turn and then all of the sudden it was 9pm. I did manage to watch four episodes of DS9. They were all super awesome and hopefully I'll write about at least one of them tomorrow--maybe Blood Oath.

Until then, enjoy the following photos:

Awesome right? A friend happened to see these guys in a claw machine and was kind enough to send them to me. If I'd been be-bopping around the Walmart and spotted not one, but TWO Star Trek plush toys I'm pretty sure I would've blown all my junk food money playing the claw machine. You know how it is--you go out with a sack of quarters and a hankering for dill pickle potato chips and you come back with nothing but disgust at your own pitiful claw machine skills. Either way, just knowing that somewhere out there this is happening. These guys are probably still just sitting there, shouting at each other from underneath Betty Boops and Teletubbies or whatever. Just knowing that this is going on makes me feel better.


  1. Oh god, I wouldn't have been able to walk away from that machine without trying to win those dolls!

  2. Well, I am in Oregon, and I am one of the guys that maintains those claw machines. I put the toys in, take the money out, clean the machines, and fix them if necessary. You might think that to be a fun job, and it does have its good points. However it does get old, when everyone who walk by when you are counting the toys says something like "Hey! That's CHEATING!" or "So THAT's how you win...."

    We set up the toys that for every 8.50 people put in, a toy goes out. Some people are better than others, some know that the best time to get a toy is right after the machine has been serviced because the toys haven't been squished down by the weight of the claw. Some know that the closer the claw comes to being completely closed, the stronger the magnet inside gets....

    That should get some of you going to the store!


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