Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Can't Even...

Ok, I was going to write this whole post about how great the DS9 episode "The Nagus" is.

I was going to talk about how awesome Wallace Shawn is and how I've loved him ever since The Princess Bride and how I think his creative life (with his crazy-talented partner Deborah Eisenberg) seems like the kind of life I hope I've built for myself. And I was going to talk about how this episode features the first promising seeds of the Jake/Nog relationship and how the moment Sisko finds out what Jake and Nog are up to is a virtual punch in the gut that gets me every time.

But I just can't really talk about any of that stuff. I am basically climbing the walls, pacing the floor, and chewing my fingernails off in anticipation of Star Trek: Into Darkness. We have tickets for tonight's show and even though it doesn't start till 10pm and it's not even dark yet, I keep checking the clock.

Basically, this is my Christmas Eve. How can I be expected to go about normal life when a new Star Trek movie is playing in theaters RIGHT THIS MOMENT?!!? For real, I can barely keep it together:
Of course, with my luck, I'll burn out all my nervous energy by 8pm and fall asleep as soon as the opening credits roll.

No. That is a joke. I will not do that. That is physically impossible. The last time I saw a Star Trek movie in theaters for the first time, my heart pretty much exploded out of my chest as soon as I saw this:

Check on me in the morning though and make sure I didn't suffer what I'm pretty sure doctors refer to as an acute attack of Fangirlitis, also known as Subitus-Trekkie-Stupefio


  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I cannot wait!! Hahaha, I am the TOTAL same way when the Paramount screen comes on.

  2. I've got my ticket for tonight too! Can't wait!!!


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