Sunday, May 26, 2013

BFFs: Jake & Nog

Today I watched The Alternate, Armageddon Game, Whispers, and Paradise. My favorite of these is the Obrien-centric "Whispers" which is intriguing from the start, mysterious all the way through, and surprising at the end. Because it's such a great surprise, I'd rather not ruit in for you here. Instead, go watch it and enjoy this little tribute picture I made of Jake and Nog. These two haven't had much going on the last few episodes but for whatever reason, I just really wanted to do a piece about them and since it's Sunday and I mostly just worked on illustration stuff, this was a nice break.


  1. Great portrait of Jake & Nog!

    And way to not spoil- Whispers is a solid episode, and has a really good twist; there's not much you can say without giving it away. I really like this one, one of my favorite early DS9s...

  2. I always did love Nog. He was a great character, one of those chock full of personality.


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