Thursday, May 9, 2013

My brain--it hurts.

Yesterday I was watching TNG when Data said something like, "Since I discovered my dream program six months ago..."
And I shouted, "LIAR! That was yesterday!"at poor Data.
Data paid me no never mind and kept babbling about eating cellular peptide cake while I realized that the episode he was referring to, "Birthright" did in fact take place six months before the episode I was currently watching. However, I'd seen it only the morning before. I realized that I had viewed six months worth of episodes in about twenty-four hours. What. The. Hell.

Seriously, binge-watching 15 episodes of anything
will make you delirious enough to eat cellular peptide cake too. 
So as you may or may not remember, we moved almost two weeks ago. Because Scott's working pretty much 24-7 right now, I took control of the move and packed/scheduled/unpacked the whole house. Additionally I had some illustration deadlines and had to work on that stuff and get it out. Consequently, day by day, I got behind on Star Trek. I did my best but before I knew it, I was two weeks behind. TWO WEEKS!

Ok, in case you are baffled, let me answer some brief questions in the name of transparency:

1- How many episodes/movies are you watching?
-All of them. In in the interest of simplicity I count everything as "hours" and not episodes. I'm watching about 738 hours of Star Trek.

2- How many a day?
-About three.

3- Do you have personal deadlines?
-Yes. I keep track of all my deadlines with google cal which syncs to my phone.

So here's what happened yesterday. My phone chirped (the sound of the TNG viewscreen) to deliver a reminder that I sent to myself FROM THE PAST!!!! It said, "Be finished with TNG tomorrow." Obviously I already knew that I was way behind but this really twisted the knife. When I'd scheduled that alarm I was ahead by about ten episodes and feeling pretty damn smug about my TV watching abilities.

As soon as I got moved in here I started watching TNG while I was unpacking, while I was folding laundry, while I was working on illustrations, while I was eating and it still seemed like I couldn't get caught up. This week I have watched about 6-8 episodes a day and today, after "Masks," I just had to take a break. So, here I am, writing about Star Trek instead of watching it so I guess that doesn't really qualify as a break but whatever. I'm chugging Dr. Pepper and eating cheese crackers like I'm ten-years-old and hoping I can get caught up by next week.

I've done six episodes today and after my snack I'm going to get back at it with "Eye of the Beholder."
Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.

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  1. Qapla! (someone had to say it.) ;)

  2. Celular peptide cake with mint frosting! Don't forget the mint frosting!


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