Friday, May 10, 2013

My Mentor

Here's some news: I'm pretty much finished with TNG! In the last few days, I've watched A TON of episodes and one thing that's really stood out to me is the mentor relationship between Data and Picard. As I was watching "Birthright," when Data sought Picard's advice about his newly discovered dream program, it reminded me of my own mentor--Steve. 

Steve was my director, my theatre professor, and over the course of a few semesters he became one of the best friends I've ever had. He introduced Scott and I at an audition for Romeo & Juliet (our first words to each other were the balcony scene) and he encouraged me to start my own Shakespeare program and even offered to host it in his theater. He took me on as an independent study when I needed extra credits for my degree and he even adapted one of my stories into a short film. I could keep listing all the great things Steve's done for me over the years but I'm sure you get the point. And besides, the real reason that this man has maintained a constant presence in my life is because he's done something very simple.  

Quietly and without any apparent desire for gratitude, Steve has been there for me. He advised me at some of the lowest points in my life. He has always modeled kindness, compassion, hard work, and quiet dedication. He took an interest in me as an artist and a creator and encouraged those qualities in me without hesitation. To this day, ten years after I met him, Steve is a steadfast force in my life. 

We live three thousand miles apart but we keep in touch. When Scott and I go home we always make a point to visit him. And in those times, exactly as I did when I was nineteen years old, I stride into his office, plop into one of the chairs, and smile--just appreciating the fact that he exists, that I know him, and that I was lucky enough to meet him right when I needed to. 

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  1. It's lovely that you still keep in touch with him. It's so easy to lose contact with people when you're so far apart.


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