Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DS9: Time For Something Completely Different

I've spent just about every day of the last three months watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's the one I grew up with, the one I'm most familiar with, the one I always get nostalgic about. I was sad to see it go and a little apprehensive about DS9 which I and am much less familiar with. Just as I assumed would happen--the entrance into DS9 came as a shock. It's very different from TNG but it's also refreshing and here's why:

#1- Alien Cultures Abound
In TNG, a crew of (mostly) humans flies around and encounters different species and we see their cultural differences play out over a span forty-five minutes. We mostly just get glimpses into their lives and ways of living. In DS9, there's a lot more alien to go around. Fully half of the individuals in the sweet Sears Portrait Studio photo below aren't human and that doesn't include (spoiler!) Worf who comes along later or Rom and Nog who are both great characters.
"Let's head over to Cinnabon after this, guys!"
In DS9 we follow these non-humans around for several years rather than several minutes. As a consequence, the same "OMG! This totally draws a parallel to my own culture!" moment is greatly enhanced.

#2- Kick Ass Ladies
I've mentioned before how it took basically forever for Deanna Troi to come into her own. They just didn't seem to know what to do with her. The same goes for Beverly and Pulaski (while spunky) was short-lived. In DS9, you immediately get soldier-badass Major Kira. Then there's Jadzia Dax with her suitcase full of advanced degrees and a fantastic sense of humor. These chicks, though lovely, are not sporting cleavage and their plots don't revolve mostly around being a victim or falling head over heels (though this does happen) for some guy they really ought not to be involved with. Piss these ladies off and Kira will punch you in the face while Dax figures out a way to erase your memory of the whole affair.
Kicking ass and taking names since 2369

#3- Jake
I really dislike all the Wesley hate. I liked that character as a kid and an adult. However, I do think that they often had a hard time giving him decent stuff to do and he pretty much never had anyone to talk to.  Mostly it was always just Wesley annoying some grownups until they recognized his brilliance and let him drive the ship or something. Jake (Sisko's son) gets a perfect cohort in Nog and, together, they both become great characters.  I love these kids and watching them grow up is one of the pleasures of this series.
This is how BFFs are made

I'm about eight episodes into DS9 now and I'm really excited to keep going. While different from the Trek that came before, this is a truly great series and it really makes me look forward to the next three months.


  1. For some reason, I haven't seen much of DS9. It's likely because I was pretty young when it began (with early bed times), and when I was older I was watching Voyager instead. I think I'll have to remedy that this summer.

    1. The same thing happened with me. I didn't see most of it until I was an adult! You should watch it with me this summer!

  2. I'm going to watch it with you as I have missed a lot of eps, and don't remember a lot of them anyway. I'll just have to remind myself to NOT watch VOY as much and squeeze in some DS9! :)

    1. Yes! Watch it with me! I'm so excited! Let's have a watchalong!

  3. If I weren't in the midst of watching Caprica, I'd jump on the DS9 bandwagon. It's been entirely too long since I last watched this beloved show. Jadzia is my favourite character, but truly I love them all.

    DS9 also (for me) holds the distinction of having the BEST villain in all of Trek: Gul Dukat!
    Over 7 years.
    Dude's like an onion... the more layers you peel off... the badder you realize he is. (pardon my grammar)

  4. hello there!
    i've been reading your blog for a little while now. I've loved Star Trek since I was little too, and I grew up with TNG. I love that you're doing this, and that I can identify, woman to woman, with someone who also grew up liking Sci-fi.

    You're inspiring me to also sit down and watch TNG all the way through, as I haven't seen them since I was young, and I look forward to reading about your experiences with the other series.

    I was thinking about the novelizations of various Star Treks, the series, and other spin-offs that have come out, such as Vanguard, the 'Shatnerverse', Titan, etc. There are so many! Will you be reading and blogging about any of them? Maybe it'll be a way you can continue your blog after your year is up. You should check out used books stores, thrift shops and yard sales for the older ones. I'm sure there are plenty to download on the e-reader too, and newer ones at the big chain bookstores.

    Anyway, I think too much. Thanks for daily blog break at work!



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