Saturday, November 23, 2013

Voyager: Season Seven Essentials

I finished Voyager a few days ago but, because I've been traveling, I've had no time to sit down and really analyze the potential essentials list. Voyager Season Seven is really, really solid but I didn't have quite as much trouble selecting the essentials as I did in Season Six. The whole time this season was winding down, I found myself dreading the end and it all came to a head in End Game when I had to stop several times and take breaks to regroup.

I'll write about more End Game as soon as I can but I didn't want to keep you waiting on the Essentials:

1- Shattered:
This one is a time capsule of the entire series. Every scene is like a "Remember when?" and it's pretty perfect on every level.

2- Lineage:
I have strong feeling about this one on a personal level but, even if I didn't, it's still an amazing episode. You can't watch Voyager and not see this strong, surprising, character-centric B'Elanna story.

3- The Void:
Voyager is stuck in a dark, inescapable region of space where everyone is stealing resources from everyone else. If you've ever wondered what's so great about The Federation, this one can answer your questions.

4- Homestead:
Neelix's goodbye. As much as I hate the very idea of living on an asteroid, the end of this one makes the whole thing worth it.

5- End Game:
The Series Finale. I'll have a lot more to say about this one in a future post.
Bonus Points for guest star, Dwight Schultz

Runners Up:

Seven of Mom says goodbye to three of her Borglets and soon realizes that she's "malfunctioning." If she can't get herself fixed, she'll die.

Author, Author-
The Doctor writes a novel based on his experiences on Voyager. Unfortunately, he doesn't take his friends' feelings into account.
Bonus Points for guest stars,  Dwight Schultz and Paris' Mustache

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