Thursday, November 7, 2013

Seven Vs. The Rock

So tonight, for one night only, live (not really) from my living room, this happened:
Also this:

And this: 

Yep, Seven fought The Rock and his People's Eyebrow. She also fought Martok (Well, kind of. The guy who plays her trainer also played Martok in DS9.) After Fight Club's release in 1999 basically every show on TV (Alphas, Bones, Chuck--and that's just the first three letters of the alphabet) has featured an episode wherein one of the characters ends up being forced to fight in some kind of underground fight club. This episode of Voyager, Tsunkatse, came out in 2000 so you have to give it credit for  being an early adopter. 

The funny thing is that this Voyager isn't actually the first Star Trek to feature this trope. That'd be TOS: Bread and Circuses wherein Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are forced to fight in televised gladiatorial games: 
Come to think of it, Star Trek also invented the People's Eyebrow:


  1. All I want to know is how many quatloos were wagered...

    1. Ha! I don't wanna brag but Seven AND The Rock are both now wearing my colors.

  2. A lot of people hate "Bread and Circuses," but it's my favorite episode. That, or "The Doomsday Machine."

    It's got all the things I love about Trek: outdoor California setting, a beautiful girl, some Prime Directive conundrums, a great McCoy/Spock scene, and fighting with awesome music.


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