Friday, November 8, 2013

Voyager: Ashes To Ashes

Tonight I watched the Season Six episode, "Ashes to Ashes" which features a cool-as-hell-looking purple chick claiming to be one of Harry's unfortunate ex-girlfriends, Lindsay Ballard. Of course Lindsay Ballard (in an episode that does not exist) died in a shuttle accident three years before so everyone's pretty skeptical. But, pretty soon she puts everyone's doubts to rest by relaying the unfortunate circumstances of her own death. Harry Kim (because he's typically present at terrible events) confirms that she's telling the truth and Lindsay recommences her life aboard Voyager.

I like this episode. It's not a huge standout but it's strong in that Lindsay is an interesting character and the idea of a race that reproduces by altering the DNA of dead aliens is a pretty neat concept. What really jumped out at me though was that when Lindsay returns, Janeway invites her to dinner and Harry off-handedly says something like, "What? The captain never invited me over for dinner!"

And I continued his thought by saying, "I mean, I guess it's not like I died and then came back or anything... oh wait. Or, well, it's not like I was kidnapped by an alien species who wanted to keep me all to themselves... oh, actually... Well, as least my DNA was never altered so that I thought I was from a completely different species... Oh, screw it. Why hasn't the captain ever invited me to dinner?"

Why, indeed Harry Kim? Why indeed?

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