Friday, November 1, 2013

Voyager: Season Five Essentials

Man, Season 5 is the heyday of Voyager. Going back through the episodes, I had a really hard time picking out five episodes and the runners up. So... here they are but, really, if you only watch a single full season of Voyager, make it this one.

Voyager is stuck in a totally dark region of space in this season opener. This one is worth watching to see what happens when Janeway goes MIA and the crew has to cope without her.

In The Flesh:
Species 867-5309 is back! And they've got a crazy-town Starfleet HQ all set up complete with their own Boothby and Admiral Bullock.
Bonus Points to Chakotay for getting a little action with gorgeous Valerie Archer/Ellen Tigh.

Bride of Chaotica:
Black and white romp and everyone gets to play dress-up. Even Janeway. You're going to need some holodeck hijinks in preparation for the rest of these essentials so be sure to queue this one up.

Dark Frontier Parts 1 & 2:
Seven gets a phone call from her Borg mom and the crew investigates a way to Oceans 11 a transwarp coil out of one of their cubes. Obviously, things don't go as planned.
Watch this one for the great Seven/Janeway arc.

Equinox Parts 1 & 2:
Everyone on Voyager is pretty excited when they run into another Starfleet ship. Unfortunately "Rudy" Ransom and his crew are a bunch of jackwagons who've been outmanned and outgunned in the Delta Quadrant a little too long.
Bonus Points to Janeway for going Full Ahab.

Runners Up:

Think Tank:
George Costanza is a wandering genius who's dead set on adding Seven to his little cooperative of super smarties and he's willing to do just about anything to get her.

Someone To Watch Over Me:
My Fair Lady as done by Star Trek: Voyager. There's even singing and dancing.

I know I don't usually have three Runners Up but I really like this episode. It's a little understated and quiet--all about manipulation and power--but Janeway and the rest of the crew shine while doing their part to protect a group of telepaths from the Prince Humperdink of the Delta Quadrant.

Ok, so my head is still spinning from all the sugar those damn trick or treaters didn't eat (so I obviously had to) so I'm going to go to bed.


  1. Hmm, I would have moved Counterpoint and Someone to Watch over me much higher in the list. But still you picked some good eps.

    1. Hi Maribel! The list itself is in order of appearance. As for the "Runners Up," I always struggle with what to include so these are simply a way for me to add extras (which I love) to the list. During this post's composition, I had both Counter Point and Someone To Watch Over Me in the main list but ended up moving them down in favor of In The Flesh and Bride of Chaotica. It was a hard choice!

    2. Oh! now I get it. But you're right that it's hard to pick. I missed Voyager the first time around and managed to watch all 7 seasons during a six week period this past May/June. Now I'm writing Voyager fan fiction! Glad I found your blog. I haven't had a chance to watch the other Treks but I'm looking forward to watching them and pulling up your blog posts on TNG, DS9 & ENT.


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