Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Moon-Shuttle Conductor

Ok, so I was going to do another post about Janeway's hair today. Actually, I was going to do a VIDEO POST. For real. A video post. But I ended up not being able to. I know. Bummer. 

A few months ago, I got this weird cyst in my wrist and I finally got to the doctor and she referred me to a dermatologist who got me in today. I went, she checked it out, said it ought to be taken out and sent off to the lab, etc etc. Since I have a (ahem) fainting problem, I had to lie down and think about things besides a knife in my skin. 

So, I thought about this instead: 

Yep. I literally lay on the table in the doctor's office re-watching episodes of Voyager in my head whilst having a minor surgery. Then I saw that there was quite a lot of blood coming out of my wrist hole. At that point the doc put on some new gauze and wrapped it super tight and I ate some candy and finished the episode of Brain Voyager I'd been watching until I was normal enough to leave. 

I'll get back on it tomorrow but, since I'm about to be traveling, it'll be a little while until I can do a Captain's Vlog. But I promise I'll get back to actual posts tomorrow. Till then, it's bed time. I'm may fall asleep watching some actual Star Trek.


  1. Hope your wrist hole feels better soon! I'll bring you some "tea. Earl Grey. hot." to make it better!

  2. Ooh, wrist hole- don't often hear that. I hope you're healing well. Was it by chance a ganglion cyst? The location makes me ask. (And I love that the colloquial name for it is a "bible bump", named for the book that's often used to smash the thing back down below the surface. Bizarre, yet somehow comforting.)


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