Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Working Out Like A Klingon

Today I watched "The Songs of Mogue" which opens with Dax and Worf working out (and by working out I mean hacking at each other with bladed weapons) together in the Holosuite. It's not only cool and sexy, it's inspirational. Jadzia Dax is one of the many strong women of SciFi and the fact that she can hold her own with Trek's token badass makes me want to put on my fancy-shmancy Klingon workout clothes and head down to the gym.
"Let's french braid our hair and wear deep V-necks while we slash at each other.
I promise it'll be super  hot."
I said a while back that I feel like I'm half-Vulcan, half-Klingon. While the Vulcan part might seem a bit obvious, the Kingon side doesn't show as much on this blog. That part of me is more evident in my physicality, my workouts and my interest in combat sports. I lift weights like a maniac and I'm proud of that. If I go a week without bench press, dead lift, and squat, I get a more than a little grumpy and I've been looking into boxing and jiu-jitsu gyms in the area. I actually wrote a whole post about this which was featured today on The Nested Blog. Go check it out!

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  1. Do Talaxians work out? I'm curious. If not, then I'm right where I need to be. :-)


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