Friday, July 19, 2013

The People

Last night I went to a party. Yes, I know, I know. I can hear your gasp of surprise all the way over here. But I did, in fact, take a shower, leave my house, and go out among other humans.
It was a bunch of writers so it didn't look like this.
Or maybe it did. 
I ate in front of other people, dropping lots of chips in my lap (and then eating them) and I even TALKED to other guests. Like, in person. <insert shock and awe here> The girl I spoke to most (who was nice and wonderful and not at all scary) eventually asked, "What do you do?" I answered that mostly I watch and write about Star Trek. She said, "What are you doing here? Why aren't you at Comic-Con?"

I wanna be where the people are.
Actually, I don't.
(PS- I didn't make this. Some crazy evil genius on the internet did)
It hadn't occurred to me that I ought to mention that, while Comic-Con is going on, I'm not there and won't be there. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about Comic-Con. Maybe ten years ago, when it was less huge, it would've felt more appealing. As it is, even though it's thousands and thousands of geeks descending on one town to celebrate their geekitude (which is AWESOME) it's a little scary for me. While I certainly appreciate cosplay, I don't do it. As I've mentioned before, I don't have a huge interest in autographs or pictures with celebrities. And as much as I'd love to be in those panels, without a presspass and an ability to ask questions, I feel more comfortable enjoying Comic-Con from my living room. In fact, even if I were at Comic-Con, I'd probably be sitting in my hotel room, enjoying most of it exactly like this:


  1. Hey AshleyRose! Stopping by from Karen's blog. Big Trek fan. And I'd go at least once to Comic Con, but that would probably be it. Not into crowds either.

  2. Karen sent me well she didn't send me but she did give you a plug and since I am a Star Trek fan I thought I would come one over and say "hi"............

    Now you went out amongest people you was that I haven't done that in forever.........unless my family count as people then I do it each Friday when we meet for breakfast if they don't count then it has been like forever............I guess my family are people well they are not apes, chimps, or

  3. Every year I think of how much I want to go to Comic Con...but how little I want to be around that many people. And how much I hate standing in lines. They're saying that people stand in some lines starting at 5am. That sounds like zero fun to me. It almost like people are starting to pay all that money for tickets and hotel rooms to stand in line for eight hours and see one or two panels. I guess I'll stick to Chicago Comic Con.

    But I really wish I had the opportunity to get some of those exclusive collectibles!

  4. I went to Comic Con a couple of years ago and totally loved it. So much that I wished I could stay longer. I'll go again one day. Even though my social anxiety did make it really scary.


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