Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DS9: Looking For Par'Mach In All the Wrong Places

There's a story about Steve Martin going in to the studios to pitch Roxanne (a kickass film and if you haven't seen it you really ought to) and he would say, "It's an update of Cyrano." And then the studio guys looked at him blankly and asked, "Sound's great Steve. What's Cyrano?" And then Steve Martin would have to pitch a hundred year old play about a guy who died three hundred years before that. Of course, the movie got made and we're all better off for that.

We're also a lot better off for Michael Dorn either knowing all about Cyrano or having recently seen Roxanne himself because he went in and pitched the story to the DS9 writing team and their update on the old play is the pretty much perfect episode, "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places."

Basically, Worf sees Grilka coming aboard DS9 and instantly falls in love. Remember Grilka? She's Quark's kind-of-wife and a serious Klingon hottie. Work and Quark are both in love but Worf agrees to help Quark master the art of Klingon courtship so he can pitch sufficient and (rather growly) woo at Grilka. Hilarity ensues.
Shimerman spent nearly two weeks working
with the Bat'leth and it totally pays off. 
Between Worf pining after Grilka, Jadzia pining after Worf, and Quark doing everything he can to keep up (including quoting Edwin Starr songs) this one is crammed full of great stuff. And the nice thing is that the B-plot here is also really lovely. Kira's knocked up with the O'Brien baby and the more time she and Miles spend together, the closer they get until they accidentally realize a mutual attraction. What plays out is realistically awkward and innocent and plenty funny while giving a little more depth and humanity to the characters.
As far as things go, this is actually not the
weirdest thing that's ever happened to us.

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