Thursday, July 25, 2013

DS9: Children Of Time

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and meet your ancestors? Or go into the future and meet your descendants? What about your great, great, great, great...etc. grand kids? What if you didn't age? What if you just Highlandered forward and saw all that stuff happening: your friends stuck on some crap planet, them pairing off and having children and then grandchildren while your crush-since-season-1-dies? Well, that's what happens to Odo in Children of time.

While this is not one of my favorite episodes, I do feel like it's a good example of classic SciFi/Trek tropes (time traveling/meeting your own kids/ethical dilemas) so it's worth a mention on this blog.  I have three favorite thing about this episode:

1- Terry Farrell is a stupendous actress.  She has a quality that makes me instantly empathize with her character and anytime she ends up making this face, I get all teary-eyed along with her:
There's plenty of great Dax stuff in this episode. She feels lots of ways about things--well mostly a couple ways about things but that's understandable. 

2- Klingons--by birth or choice:
On this crap planet, Worf's progeny went forward, clinging to Klingon values all the way, and developed their own society, separate from all the shmucks who muck in the mud all day. These klingons (who can become a Son Of Mogh if they just FEEL like they're Klingon) spend their time hunting down frickin' yar-bear like a boss. They only come to town to trade furs. They're for real. My favorite thing about this episode is actually Worf's line to his followers about "the enemy" on the day they plan to leave.

3- Odo gets a face!


  1. The moral conflict in this one was great. It was one of those "What's right, what's wrong" scenarios that just makes you hurt for everyone.


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