Friday, July 5, 2013

DS9: The Muse

My husband and I are both writers. When people discover this little factoid they invariably say something like, "Oh wow, what's that like?"

Well, I can tell you what it's not like. It's not like the DS9 episode, "The Muse." In this one, Jake runs into an alien chick who's basically a creative juice vampire. She sets up writers and other creative types with a comfy studio in which to work, sets them spinning like a top, and then feeds off their creative energy. Strangely enough, it's actually creepier than it sounds. Here's a picture that you will never get out of your head:

I actually ended up watching this one with Scott and we were both completely baffled at Jake's ability to write while someone's staring at him, massaging him, brain-sucking him, talking constantly right next to his ear. Ronald Moore said of this episode that only a writer would come up with a story about a beautiful woman staring transfixedly at you while you write. I contend that it takes someone who's categorically not a writer to come up with this. Maybe it's just me but if Scott suddenly plunked down behind me and started breathily babbling into my ear I would not only not be able to get anything done, I would probably get really snippy and take myself down to the promenade for a raktajino. Don't start thinking I'm all unappreciative either. Scott would do the exact same thing if I went all creepy alien creative vampire on him.

This episode shouldn't be dismissed though. Odo has a fantastic B-plot with Lwaxana Troi. She shows up on DS9 pregnant. Yes, PREGNANT. And it's up to Odo to help her.

Their friendship is one of my absolute favorite things about DS9. A better side of both characters instantly comes out when they're around one another. So... watch this one. It's worth it just to see Odo smile.


  1. Weird. If I randomly found myself pregnant, Odo would not be the Star Trek character that I would go to for help. Though I'm sure he did a good job (I've never seen this episode), he's not the one my mind goes to.

  2. Hi honey! I have a completely off-topic comment, because Kate's blog settings will no longer let me leave comments - I am not high-techie enough to figure out why. But I loved your guest post. Two things: (1) You are STUNNING. (!!!!!!!) (2) My husband is already in love with you, he is such a massive Trekker and is really enjoying your blog, and I may discourage him from checking out that particular guest post with that particular photo... :)

    (Nah, we've been married 20 years. He deserves a treat.)

    I would also go insane with someone sitting right behind me while I wrote. I need the room *empty*. Husband isn't even allowed to eat his breakfast while I'm working, which is somewhat complicated by the fact that my computer is in the dining room. But I must have my sacred space!!


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