Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Generic Ensign's Log: Tuvix

Generic Ensign's Log
Stardate: 49655.2

Neelix wasn't in the messhall this morning for breakfast. I had replicator oatmeal instead. Samantha said he and Tuvok went down to the planet we're orbiting to investigate some kind of flower. 

I just heard there's been a crazy transporter accident! I don't know what happened yet but there are some rumors going around and it just seems too ridiculous to be true. You know, you hear about transporter accidents and mostly it's just ridiculous old stories officers tell the rookies. They've been going around since my grandpa was in Starfleet. That time someone got split into their two terrible halves, that time someone came back with leaves sticking out of his body, that time a couple of people got sent backward in time somehow, that time two people turned into ghosts, that time with the dog. I've heard those stories since my first day at Starfleet and yet I've used the transporter more times than I can even count. One time I transported to the grocery store on my old street corner because I didn't want my annoying neighbor to engage me in conversation. The point is--this stuff is supposed to be safe. Right? Anyway. Something happened to Neelix and Tuvok and no one really knows what it is yet. 

Holy crap. I just went down to the science lab to run some tests and I saw it:
Tuvok and Neelix have turned into one guy. What is going to happen? Who's going to make breakfast?!

Stardate: 49655.3

I guess Tuvix is making breakfast. That's what they're called now--the Tuvok/Neelix guy. His name is Tuvix. Actually, he's really nice. He's nicer than Tuvok was and he's got more sense than Neelix. And--he's a better cook. This morning was the best breakfast I've had since I left the alpha quadrant.
But, oh man, this must be so hard for Kes.  Neelix was her boyfriend (I still think that's sort of weird) and Tuvok was her mentor. 

Everyone's saying they don't have any idea how this transporter accident even happened, let alone how they might be able to get Tuvok and Neelix back. What if we have Tuvix forever? 

Stardate: 49655.4

I found Tuvix hanging out in the aeroponics bay and invited him out to drinks with me and Samantha and Hogan later. He looked really lonely and I felt bad for him. 

Oh man. Tuvix is amazing. This guy is great. He told a story I've heard Neelix tell a million times but this time it was actually a fantastic, well-constructed story. And he can play pool! He played Paris under the table! He said he's going to start working on the bridge again tomorrow. Apparently he has all of Tuvok's and Neelix' memories and knowledge so he's still an expert and I guess that means that starting tomorrow he's still my boss. Time to hit the sack. I'm exhausted. 

Stardate: 49655.6

Tuvix is the best. I really feel like we're just getting to know him even though we've known both of his halves for a couple of years now. It really is like he's a whole new person. And, I mean, it's not like I don't miss Tuvok and Neelix. I'm just saying that I like Tuvix. 

Stardate: 49655.9

Samantha and Hogan and I had coffee with Tuvix this morning after the breakfast rush. He doesn't seem as lonely anymore. He's been trying to keep his distance with Kes, I think, but otherwise it seems like he's fitting in really well. Everyone seems to love him. 

Stardate: 49656.1

We all just got back from a holodeck kayaking trip with Tuvix. Man. That guy is amazing. Honestly, it's hard to imagine life on Voyager without him at this point. 

Stardate: 49656.2

Last night I saw Kes and Tuvix in Sandrine's. They were holding hands! I really wonder if they might have a thing going on. It really seems like they might hit it off. Even if they don't, I feel like Kes will finally come around to the idea of Tuvix. How could anyone not? I know it's only been a couple of weeks but he's become one of my best friends. He's so intuitive and interesting. He's so smart but he does't lord it over everyone and he's so warm without being pushy. I don't know what we'd do without Tuvix now! 

Stardate: 49656.4

Samantha messaged me early this morning. She said they found a way to separate Tuvok and Neelix. What does that even mean? 

Well, the word's gotten around. If they separate Tuvok and Neelix then Tuvix won't exist anymore.  He'll be gone. He'll be dead. Either way, it's up to Janeway. Tuvix' life is in her hands.

I was just on the bridge and the captain came in. She had decided to separate them. Tuvix was distraught. I wish I could've done something. Said something. I can't believe they're going to go through with this. He said that he forgave us all but I don't feel like I deserve forgiveness. I feel like I'm complicit in a murder because I didn't try harder to stop what's happening. I wish I had said something. If nothing else, I wish I had told Tuvix how much he meant to us. 

It's done. Tuvix is gone. Tuvok and Neelix are back and, really, it is good to see them but... I miss Tuvix. We were supposed to meet up in the aeroponics bay later tonight. What happens now? Can we really just go back to our regular life after what's happened? I just can't imagine we'll ever forget about Tuvix. I can't imagine we won't talk about him every single day from now on but, with all the crazy stuff that happens out here in the Delta Quadrant, will we really take time to remember him? Or will Tuvix just be one more transporter horror story Samantha will end up telling her little girl?  

I hope it's the former. I would be a shame if we ever forgot about Tuvix. 

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