Monday, August 3, 2015

Generic Ensign's Log: The Thaw

Generic Ensign's Log
Stardate: 49578.9

Was eating breakfast this morning and heard that last night we came across an iced over planet and got a distress call from some people down there. They've apparently been in stasis for nineteen years and we transported their stasis pods to the cargo bay. I heard Kim and Torres were investigating what the deal is. Then Samantha Wildman said she heard these people were the start of a settlement and then they just decided, instead of leaving the planet when it was about to freeze up, they would build an elaborate virtual reality system to live in for the next fifteen years. I mean, doesn't it seem obvious that something terrible might happen with a hastily planned and executed, long-running virtual reality system? Who does that? Why not just leave and come back later? Whatever. It is what it is.

I had an ingrown toenail so I stopped by sickbay. It looked like The Doctor was working on this stasis problem too.

Had the best lunch with Hogan and Samantha. She's hilarious. Harry was supposed to meet us too but I didn't see him. No idea where he got off to. Maybe he was still working on the stasis pod problem.
Pretty slow day at work. Not too bad at all. I really feel like things are coming along and Tuvok is starting to notice me. Oh--and I think all the senior officers had a really long meeting about this whole stasis pod thing.

Getting ready to head out for dinner. I'm meeting some people at Sandrine's.  Harry was supposed to meet us there but I got a message saying he couldn't make it--that he was really exhausted or something then muttered some business about clowns. Where was he all day? Sounds like he was messing around in the holodeck. Oh, and I heard the aliens who were trapped in those stasis pods are out now. I guess we're going to drop them off somewhere along the way. Noone's really said. Anyway, it was a good day. Nice and slow. Totally normal. Nothing out of the ordinary at all.

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  1. Hooray for the Generic Ensign's Log! This is the best- no, the only- way you could have written about this episode. What's there to say, really? I couldn't quite believe what I was watching the first time around, and I do believe this is actually the ONLY episode that I've never gone back to rewatch. That says a lot right there!

    So sorry I haven't been commenting these last few posts- but I've been too far ahead to have good contributions. In your last post, you asked " Holy crap, am I really still in season 2?!?" Holy crap, AshleyRose, you're still in season 2!! I've been purposely trying to go slow, but alas, I find myself halfway through season 7. This won't do. Now that you seem to be chugging along again, I think I'll take a quick Voyager break and go watch a few seasons of Orphan Black. When I'm done with that, I'll rewind and join back in wherever you are in Voyager. That'll help me be an active commenter again. Back in a few!


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