Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Trekkie Gave Me A Cold

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday and today. I finished up the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention last night and it was AWESOME but as I meandered back to my room I realized I didn't feel well. When I got up this morning I felt worse and by the time I got home this afternoon it was clear that my sinuses (which have always been volatile turncoats) had gone completely over the edge. Basically, I have a cold. It's the sort of ear/head cold where I can't bear to walk around or get up too fast or stare at a screen for too long. Scott can always tell when I'm sick because, rather than multitasking, I'm only doing one thing and that one thing is staring at the ceiling with the TV running.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to the blog for real and post lots of pictures and stories about the convention. Until then, please enjoy a comic that's sort of about me/this blog. A reader of mine has his own art site and he's doing a bunch of portraits/comics featuring his own readers. I'm one of them! And I love what he did with my portrait comic. I hope you do too. Go check it out! 


  1. I am also suffering from the After-Con Plague. My symptoms developed pretty much exactly like that. It was really quick to start up, and I feel like I have a cold or flu, since I keep experiencing nausea. Still worth it.

  2. Feel better soon! I MISS you! :)

  3. Hop you feel better sooner rather then later, head colds suck I know I just go over one


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