Saturday, August 17, 2013

I Now Pronounce You Geek & Geek

I watched "You Are Cordially Invited" the other day. It's a pretty big deal episode. Jadzia Dax and Worf finally tie the knot. I love Alexander's part in it, the never-ending bachelor party Klingon pre-wedding endurance event, and the fact that Benjamin and Jadzia's roles are reversed in a very sweet scene that leads to their pretty killer wedding:

My own wedding was pretty amazing. It was just Scott and I, on a beach with an amateur photographer I found on Craigslist and a police chaplain who delivered the ceremony (taken from The Princess Bride and Star Trek) and some dolphins who were not invited but I'm not really the kind of jerk who tells a bunch of dolphins they can't crash my wedding. Scott and I are still going strong almost six years since that day and a big part of our bond is our common geekiness.

I thought about that a lot at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention. As the World Record attempt was emptying out, I noticed two beautifully dressed Vulcans. They looked awesome. I approached them to ask about taking their photo and they were so pleasant that I ended up talking to them at length about Star Trek, my blog, and (somehow) marriage. It turns out that Christy and Chuck had been together for thirty-six years. Their first cosplay event was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. They attend conventions together (dressed up) all the time and told me that they were thinking about retiring their pointed Vulcan ears and moving on to a different species. They seemed to me to be completely in sync with one another and I mentioned how my husband and I initially fell in love over a conversation about Star Trek. They nodded, smiling happily, and agreed that being able to share one's innermost geek stuff helps to keep a strong bond.

I wish I'd been able to keep up with them over the convention but I lost track of them after the World Record Attempt. When I got back to the hotel room, where Scott had been working on a new project all day and sadly couldn't attend convention stuff with me, I relayed to him everything I'd been up to. I told him all about the absolutely wonderful Vulcan couple I'd met, how happy they seemed, and how glad I was that we had come to the convention. He grinned and kissed me and then we talked forever about all the awesome Star Trek stuff I'd seen.


  1. I remember the wedding between Jadzia Dax and Worf it was a bloody good episode and I remember thinking how did Alexander get so grown up.....

  2. I really enjoyed "You Are Cordially Invited". It's one of several episodes from this season that I think I totally missed the first time around. It's made me appreciate both Worf and Jadzia in whole new way.

    My husband and I met with a Star Trek twist- he bested me on a Star Trek trivia question in a bar, 17 years ago. I was kind of impressed. :)

    Funny thing, though- it was sheer luck on his part, as he has yet to best me a second time in anything related to Star Trek!

  3. Hey AshleyRose!

    You're about the only person I can tell that would care... lol... but I just last night, finished Season One of TOS. (Including all of the special features). I can honestly say... I am now a FAN of the original series. I have been sufficiently charmed. :) By about... "Tomorrow is Yesterday", I was genuinely watching for entertainment and not just education (ie: Star Trek lore and history). And... I saw "City on the Edge of Forever" for the VERY FIRST TIME! It's an absolutely beautiful episode and I'm pleased that I finally know why it's such a fan-favourite. :)

    I hope you're all rested-up and re-engergized. I'd love to hear more about your DS9 impressions and adventures.


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