Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DS9: Take Me Out To The Holosuite

I've mentioned here before how much I love baseball. I love it. Back in May, I wrote a whole post about how excited I was to be watching DS9 during baseball season. I knew I'd be watching the seventh season, baseball-themed episode "Take Me Out The The Holosuite" right around time for the regular season to wrap up. At the time that I wrote that original post my team, The Dodgers, were the worst team in baseball. Now they're looking like a sure bet for the Post Season and they could go all the way to the World Series. In May, I was looking forward to all of DS9 but had never appreciated it as much as I do now, after watching it all in order and at such a fast clip. It's funny how things turn around.

In "Take Me Out To THe Holosuite" a jerkbag Vulcan from Sisko's past challenges the DS9 crew to a game of holosuite baseball. The Vulcans are stronger, faster, smarter, and they've been practicing. The DS9 crew has to look up the definition of a fly ball. It doesn't look good. But, ever optimistic and needing a pick-me-up in the midst of this never-ending Dominion War, the crew get some uniforms and gloves together and head over to Quark's holosuite to practice.

They absolutely suck. The big game is in less than two weeks and these guys can barely even throw the ball let alone figure out baseball strategy. The entire story is a rompy sports movie style episode with high and low points in all the right places and a great score and awesome (can I even relate to you how much a I NEED a Niners jersey?) costumes make this one absolutely wonderful. At this point, after all the story mess we've been put through--all the doom and gloom--we really needed a romp. And, after seven years of baseball references, it's about time we had a wall-to-wall baseball episode.


  1. It is funny that how things can turn around. That i s why they do what they do. Good luck to the Dodgers, hope they do well, even if they beat us Braves.

    This is a good episode, I really enjoyed it when i did my DS9 run-through (August 2011-May 2012).

  2. I've seen this one listed on a lot of "worst" lists, but I don't see how that's possible. The haters must have no sense of humor whatsoever, or, being such sci-fi nerds they have no idea how to play baseball and thus can't follow the episode.

    I think it's hysterical and one of my favorites, although I certainly understand that in many ways it doesn't "feel" like a DS9 episode.

  3. I LOVE baseball. This episode sounds like a lot of fun!

    (I'm an Angels fan, but I might jump on the Dodgers bandwagon during the post season. We'll see...)


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