Friday, August 23, 2013

DS9: The Reckoning

So today I watched a straight-up Harry Potter battle take place on Deep Space Nine. Sisko gets a call to come to Bajor to see some new artifact that literally has his name on it (and by name I mean "Emissary" Yeah, I know I was looking for something a little more specific too but whatever) and he heads down there with Kira and Jake and they all stand around gawking at the artifact until Ben gets a crazy prophet vision. Benjamin decides to bring it back but gets super pissed off at the thing and goes all Hulk-Smash on it. Some crazy energy things fly out of it and zoom around the ship and lo-and-behold they're wormhole aliens/prophets. It's obvious that a big battle's going to happen but Sisko's all, "You can't take the sky from me."

One of the profits suddenly decides to live inside Kira. She's all, "The reckoning is upon us!" (allow me to point out a side note here: the Bajoran monk who originally showed Siko the artifact said there was nothing about any "reckoning" in the prophecies at which point I must ask--"What kind of BS religion is this?") and she's got a sort of Dark Willow vibe going on.
Six years as a sideman, now I get to be the Slayer.
Kai Winn (who reminds me a lot of Dolores Umbridge) fills Sisko in on what's about to go down. Basically, the prophets will take control of one person (Kira) while the Pah Wraiths take over someone else and they'll fight to the death to decide the fate of the Gateway To The Celestial Temple aka DS9. And who do the Pah Wraiths choose as their vessel of doom?

How Ood. 
Yep. Sisko's own kid. If the Prophets defeat the Pah Wraiths, it'll mean 1,000 years of peace and prosperity for Bajor but that means that Benjamin pretty much has to be willing to sacrifice his son. As I promised you at the beginning of this entry, a Harry Potter battle ensues:
I love "The Reckoning." I think bringing back the Pah Wraiths is a great idea as they make fantastic villains. I've been getting pretty fatigued with the Dominion War lately so it was nice to get a good "I am the Emissary and that means I'm magic" episode. I love Kai Winn. Well, I love to hate Kai Winn but I actually love the way Louise Fletcher plays the character. Terry Farrell is especially great in this one too. And you get a straight-up wizard duel on the Promenade. Definitely worth a watch.  


  1. One error: On the text after the picture of Jake portraying a Pah Wraith it says "Oh Ood". Shouldn't it say "How Odd"? Thank you For this blog, i try to read the new posts as soon as i can, even though i came in late. You are doing great and so are your drawings. Good Luck. #StarTrekStrong

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading and for commenting! It's actually not an error; it's a reference to Doctor Who If you aren't already a fan, you should check it out! Trekkies and Whovians very often cross over!

  2. Holy wizard battle, right? My daughter- eleven, and sadly not the least bit a Trekkie (yet)- walked in on this scene and commented on how it copied the Harry Potter duel scenes. When I pointed out the timeline, she was slightly outraged, and wondered if JK Rowling was a Trek fan...


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