Monday, August 5, 2013

Enterprise Watercolor: We Have A Winner!

Scott and I are finally back from Shakespeare Camp. We are EXHAUSTED. After several hours of travel and almost no sleep we got home, ate a huge lunch, and went straight to bed. Of course, what you do really expect after a week that included activities like this: 

Anyway, when I finally managed to creep back out of bed (around 5:30 pm) I put all the names from the Enterprise watercolor contest into a random winner generator and got a single name: 
Hooray! Throw some confetti for Christi! She'll soon have a lovely little hand-painted starship to adorn her wall. 
I hope to have another original art contest soon so check back regularly! 


  1. Hooray!!!!! It's gorgeous....congrats and confetti, Christi!! :)

  2. Welcome home, Ashley! Congrats, Christi! I'm a bit jealous- looking forward to the next original art contest...

  3. Someone won and it wasn't me..........bugga...............congrats to the winner though because I am a big person.............


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