Friday, January 4, 2013

Why I Love "The Naked Time"

1- The Spacesuits.

2- The fact that this crewman ACTUALLY TAKES OFF HIS GLOVE AND RUBS HIS NOSE AND EYES while he's standing on a mysterious ship where everyone's dead.
Geez, this guy's an idiot.
He also tries to step off the transporter platform before decontamination is finished.
 He's like a space lemming. 

3-When Reily does this in sickbay: 
I literally do that all the time. Is it strange to enjoy pressing your nose against a cold doorway?
 If it is, I don't even want to know. 

4- Majel Barrett's glorious hairstyle. 

5- The way Spock looks when Sulu takes Uhura hostage: 
This is the moment Spock decides to break out the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.

6- Spock's line: Take D'artagnan here to sickbay. (referring to Sulu, of course) 

7- When Riley says, "And now crew, I will render Kathleen, one more time!" and Kirk says, "Please not again." Priceless. 

8- The revelation that Nurse Chapel is way into Spock. 

9- The revelation that, underneath it all, Spock is just as emotional as his human ship mates. 

10- The entire scene where Spock tries as hard as he can to keep from falling apart but loses it anyway. 
This scene is heartbreaking and I found myself grimacing along with him. 

11. Spock and Kirk unleash a series of confessions to each other about friendship, family, and their own personal limitations.  It is amazing. 

12. Scotty establishes his penchant for underestimating his ability to complete a task in a given time. 

13. Bones just straight up rips open Kirk's shirt to give him the antidote. 

This episode is a classic for a reason. It established relationships between characters in a brilliant way, exposing raw emotion in ways that the characters would never allow, were they in control of themselves. The story is played to perfection by everyone in it. Full of outstanding lines, humor, heart, and intriguing character moments, "The Naked Time" is wall-to-wall amazing, classic Trek. That's why I love it. 


  1. Rather than just say "yes" 13 times, let me just say I couldn't agree more and leave it at that! (But seriously, how stupid is the glove/hand/rub-on-face thing? Good lord...)

  2. Nice! I just happened to stumble upon this site when i was trying to look up a reference to the spelling of #6 (D'artagnan). Funny how you hit every nail on the head! Classic.

  3. Spock gets one of the all-time great jokes in Star Trek with the d'Artagnan line.


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