Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend RoundUp

Ok, I got fifteen episodes in this week which, I think, is a bit low. I feel like I can do better. Anyway, I tried to write about the biggest episodes but of course, I missed a few. So, to make sure you get a little something about all of them, here's some of the stuff I was thinking about as I watched them:

22- Space Seed:
Khan is awesome. He has more outfits than anyone else on this show. I think he and Kirk should try trading outfits. Also, McCoy is a total badass. This is one of McCoy's best moments ever. True Grit.

23- A Taste of Armageddon:
This episode is an unsung hero of the Star Trek Franchise. This thing is amazing. It feels so much like an episode of TNG that I'm surprised they didn't do the exact same thing again in 1991.

24- This Side of Paradise:
Spock is way in love with this girl wearing overalls. I think it might be worth counting the number of times Spock wigs out. It seems like an average of about every five episodes.

25- The Devil in the Dark:
Silicon based monsters are just one of the many reasons you don't want to be a Space Miner.
McCoy just said, "I'm a doctor, not a brick layer!" I'm pretty sure that's the first time he's literally said, "I'm a doctor, not a ___"

26- Errand of Mercy:
KLINGONS! I wonder if, when they first conceived of this episode, whether they planned on making the Klingons into a recurring species. No matter what, I love this episode.
It's also worth noting that I saw the Klingon outfits at the Star Trek Exhibition and those things on their belts are painted bubble wrap. True Story.

27- The Alternative Factor:
I have like, literally nothing to say about this episode. I watched it. It's about a guy and his anti-self. Maybe I should try this one again.

28- The City on the Edge of Forever:
Obviously awesome. Go watch it now.

29-Operation Annihilate:
I'm not sure why they chose this as the finale rather than "City on the Edge of Forever." Still, even though it doesn't have the same level of emotional impact, it's a really great episode. They're really hitting their Kirk/Spock/McCoy stride by this point.


30-Amok Time:
Ok, after my other favorite moments of Nurse Chapel crying over Spock and Spock making nice with McCoy, I LOVE it when Spock breaks the gong. What a nice touch.
Also, the remastering really does this episodes some favors. Vulcan looks amazing.

31-Who Mourns For Adonais:
This is one of those really beloved episodes. Lots of people talk about how brilliant and sad it is. I don't really understand that opinion. I like this episode. I think it's a great idea for a Star Trek but I'm not crying at the end. If you watch it and think otherwise, I'd love to talk about it.

32-The Changeling:
This episode is about a messed up deep space probe who thinks Kirk is his creator. My favorite thing about this episode is the probe's consistent reference to Kirk as "The Kirk."

33-Mirror Mirror:
As soon as Kirk sees Spock's goatee in the Mirror Universe, he knows everything's gone pear-shaped. Woah, they have "Agonizers" in the mirror universe. Awesome! Sulu's scar is bad-ass.

34-The Apple:
PRIME DIRECTIVE! I'm going to have to write about this episode and all the reasons it makes me a bad Anthropologist.

35-Doomsday Machine:
This is pretty tense. Where is Uhura? Everyone's spending an awful lot of time on the bridge and Uhura's not there. Wait a second... is this a bottle episode? I think it is! The remastering is also excellent here. Beautifully done.

This is a straight-up halloween episode.

Alright, guys, that's about it. I'd really like to get twenty episodes in this coming week. We'll see how it goes.

Oh! Also, I got an early B-day present:

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