Thursday, January 17, 2013

TOS: The Trouble With Tribbles

 "The Trouble With Tribbles" is one of the most famous episodes in all of Star Trek. Honestly, I have so many things in my notes about this episode that I don't even know where to start. So... here goes: Cyrano Jones and Arne Darvin are classic characters. The tribbles are awesome new creatures. The Kirk/Spock exchanges are priceless. Uhura is sassy and gorgeous. Kirk's interrogation of Scotty is hilarious. Spock's affectionate petting of the tribbles is adorable. The "Kirk's Covered In Tribbles" scene is so awesome, I don't know how the cast and crew got through it without laughing. Basically, this episode is fantastic from start to finish. It was so fantastic that it became an unforgettable, iconic part of the Star Trek franchise: the animated series features a tribble-themed story and DS-9 revisits this episode is a very real way. 

Basically, go watch it. Even if you've seen it before, watch it again. It's well worth it. 


  1. Are those little furballs Tribbles? If so, I think I want one as a pet. Are the dangerous? Or are they as snuggly as they look?!

  2. Yes, and yes! Well sort of. You can't feed them because they breed faster than rabbits and soon you have a house full of Tribbles. However, you can buy a non-dangerous, cooing and wiggling version over at Think Geek.


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