Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Voyager Re-Watch: Worst Case Scenario

So, this one time one of the Voyager crew members wrote a holo-novel about a mutiny on board Voyager and then B'Elanna found it and it was basically their Game Of Thrones and then everyone got really curious about who the author was and then (DUN-DUN-DUN) it was Tuvok.
This is one of those episodes that, when it happens, you just sort of facepalm and say, "Of course! Of course this is what would happen." It actually makes perfect sense, every character responds in the way their character would really respond and, on top of all that, it's a good deal of fun. It's not quite a romp. But almost. And, in that way it's sort of better. It's nicely balanced. The last act is all about how Seska got all up in Tuvok's program and decided to fire one last shot over Voyager's bow. This feels, I don't know, just a little bit tacked on but I don't even care. I love that Tuvok and Tom have to work together in a quick holodeck gone awry plot while Janeway and B'Elanna find a way to save them.

Oh, and Worst Case Scenario reminds me of this:

 Also, since we're just about finished with this part of space and we'll never see or hear from poor Seska again, I thought I'd bring out this illustration I did a while back (and forgot to post.) 
Seska doesn't let a little thing like death stop her from getting even.

Bonus Points: 
-Of course I'm going to mention how awesome/hilarious/perfect Chakotay is in this one. What has happened to me? 
-Love that B'Elanna immediately goes along with the mutiny while Paris gets bored being all loyal and crap. 
-Paris and Tuvok make the perfect straight man/funny guy double act. 
-I read online that this was the third season's least watched episode according to ratings and that's an effing crime. 
-This is basically choose your own adventure times a thousand.


  1. You've forgotten, we see Seska onnnnnnneeee more time. ; )

    1. Oh!!! That's right! Is... is it the one in the last season where Chakotay and Janeway take a trip back through Voyager's twisted up timeline and grown up Naomi Wildman is there?

  2. Yes indeed. And Seska wants the ability to travel to the affected part of the ship/timeline where she's still alive. Cunning like a fox!


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