Friday, September 18, 2015

Generic Ensign's Log: Displaced

Generic Ensign's Log

Stardate: 50912.4

Business as usual. Had breakfast with Vorik and Samantha. Her baby is growing really fast. I passed Tom and B'Elanna arguing in the corridor on the way there. Pretty sure something's going on with them. I keep saying this. No one will listen.

So I was down in Engineering and Ashmore just disappeared right in front of me and then there was some weirdo standing there talking about how cold it was and how bright it was and, I mean, if you ask me, I've always thought engineering was way too dark. Like, dramatically dark. Anyway, apparently Ashmore isn't the first one. Kes disappeared this morning and a few other people have also been replaced. No one knows where they're going.

What is going on?! Like half the crew is gone and now I'm standing here in the cargo bay babysitting all these weird-hat cold guys.

So now there are like ten of us. Plus Chakotay.

Holy crap! Where am I? Oh, there's some weird balls of food here. WTF.

OK so I was talking to Samantha and apparently she and Naomi have been down here since right after breakfast. Then, a lady who looks a lot (I mean, a lot) like that woman who wore a veil and her species aged backward, anyway she told us that now we're going to live in this place forever because they took Voyager. I mean, I guess that's a pretty good way to take over a ship. We had no idea what was going on and by the time anyone realized it, there wasn't much we could do. Well, the Captain is super pissed and she went off with Tuvok, Tom, and B'Elanna to see if they could find a way out. 
OMG. So I was standing here eating food balls and talking to Samantha and Tom and B'Elanna just appeared in front of us and they were embracing like... seriously... like they'd just been about to kiss or something. I've been SAYING that something was going on. Why doesn't anyone ever listen to me!?

Back to normal. I brought some of those food balls with me though. They're delicious.

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