Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Voyager Re-Watch: Macrocosm

I'm here today to talk about a tank top. Seriously.

As a kid who happened to be a girl and also happened to be way into SciFi, tank tops made a big difference to me. Well, not so much the tank tops. The women in those tank tops. BAMF Ladies is what I'm talking about. (Actually I have a post coming soon all about BAMF Lady TV Shows!) These chicks hold their own wherever they go. They're usually something/something/badass.

Like: mom/waitress/badass:

Or, mom/warrant officer/badass:

Or, heiress/archaeologist/badass:

The tank-top-wearing badass chick continued to be a staple throughout my childhood and teenage years and into the present with chicks like Trinity, Starbuck and, Tank Girl--women who were everything to me.

So it shouldn't come as any surprise that Captain Janeway--my captain--is listed among these awesome, do-it-yourself, take-no-prisoners, brilliant/interesting/badass chicks:
gif courtesy: Star Trek Gifs
Janeway's a Starfleet Captain/Scientist/Badass and she's here to mess up your day--if you're a giant virus that's got way out of hand.

Macrocosm is pretty much Die Hard in a spaceship. One person finds themself in a claustrophobic, hostile situation and has to save everyone without any outside help, using only their brains (and their gun.) John McClane did it--in a tank top. 

And, while I love Die Hard and McClane, I always loved these chicks more. John McClane is a cop. His whole deal is that he's a tough guy who saves people. These chicks are moms and scientists and archaeologists and explorers who step up because they can, because they care about the people who need them, because they don't need a guy in a tank top to save them. They have their own tank top. Their own mission. Their own victory. 

And so do I. 

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