Monday, July 13, 2015

Voyager Re-Watch: Alliances (A Comic)

Here's a complete transcript of Alliance (in comic form):


  1. Are you on Instagram AshleyRose? I'd love to tag you on a little video capture I did of this episode when I watched it. : ) My handle is "Porcolethos".

    1. No, I suck at social media. I feel like I don't deserve an Instagram account because it would just be pictures of my living room every day. Haha!

  2. That could be a thing! An Instagram account is whatever you want it to be as a medium. You make images. Caption them.

    Everyone approaches the process with different ideas of how to represent themself. Mostly Instagram is a time vampire though. If you haven't, your life is no less rich for not engaging in that particular social media. : )


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