Thursday, July 30, 2015

Generic Ensign's Log: Deadlock

Generic Ensign's Log

Stardate: 49548.7

Holy crap! I was just in the mess hall eating my oatmeal. Samantha Wildman was there and she was helping Neelix with some repairs and then she just went into labor and Neelix took her to sickbay. Man. How exciting! Her baby will be the very first kid ever born on Voyager.
It just really seems like a good omen, you know?
I feel like today is going to be a great day.

Samantha still hasn't had her baby. I passed Kim in the corridor and he said we'd detected a Vidiian ship and were about to move into a plasma field to try and lose them.

We're under attack. Everything is awful. Nothing is good! I was headed down to Engineering and everything was just exploding. I guess I got knocked out and I woke up in sick bay. There are a ton of people hurt in here and--oh no.
Samantha's baby didn't make it.

I finally made it back down to Engineering but now it's the new bridge. I guess everything on the real bridge is totally jacked up. The captain and Tuvok are here and everything. Hogan is manning my station for now. I told him I'd take over but he said he was in the middle of re-routing the power for Torres and Kim. I offered to go with her but Kim said he'd do it.

Harry Kim is dead.

What... Ok... so I guess now there are two Voyagers? I mean, I saw the scans. I was looking over Chakotay's shoulder and honestly I don't think he understands it either. It looks like the captain and Torres are trying to figure out a solution and--what the hell--I just turned around and there's ANOTHER Janeway here. What is going on?

Things here are pretty much as bad as they can get and honestly I can't see how we'll ever recover from this. I can't imagine ever getting back to normal.

So it looks like everything's back to normal. The other Voyager's Harry is here now and he brought the other Samantha's living baby with him. I'm trying not to let the whole thing creep me out. I'm having breakfast with Harry Kim in the morning and I've been invited to a party for Samantha tomorrow night. I heard Janeway knitted the new (new) baby a blanket! Her name is Naomi. The baby, I mean. The first baby on Voyager. The other Voyager. Still, I think it counts. Just look at her:


  1. I love how we never get another mention of Harry & Naomi not being the originals! :)

  2. They didn't have any kind of funeral or service or even a plaque for their other selves. That's straight up cold.


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