Thursday, July 16, 2015

Science Ladies

So the VERY next episode I'm going to talk about is Threshold and I know we're all really excited about that. But... the last couple days what I did was just watch a bunch of X-Files because once I start it's like I'm a kid again and I just can't stop. Anyway, I've done so much writing work lately that I've been aching to do a little art (that's not work or commissioned... just stuff for myself) and I ended up spending some time in photoshop while Scully got kidnapped by aliens/the government.

I've been wanting to do a B'Elanna piece for a while now--especially one in a sciencey setting--so this is what I came up with:

And of course I had to do a Scully piece. I realize eating a sandwich in the morgue is a huge cliche but whatever, if anyone can pull that off, it's autopsy extraordinaire Doctor Dana Scully, FBI. 

I have almost no experience with animated gifs but I really wanted Scully to chew her sandwich while the entrails dripped blood so... I made it happen. Now I'm thinking about animating B'Elanna up there too.


  1. Love this. : )

    I just finished watching "Blood Fever" tonight, and I'm gonna go ahead and call it one of my top five favourite Voyager episodes, and possibly top ten Trek episodes (in general). People can say what they want to slag Voyager, but there were times when it absolutely revered and built-upon all canon before it. And the final seconds revealing perhaps one of the first species ever to be destroyed by the Borg in their quadrant of origin: simply excellent. They eeeeeeased into Borg territory with wary hinting that started with Q's first appearance in season two. And then a dried-up drone corpse found (in?/before?) the Nekrit Expanse (unclear on that one). The Kazon, Talaxians, and Vidians are all pretty effin' lucky to be on the side of it that they are. None of them seem to have mentioned the Borg... whereas the first inhabited world Janeway and company come across inside, was decimated about 60 years prior. Sorry, off-topic and ahead of where you are. I just had to blather about it a little. Another of my absolute favourites is coming-up too: "Distant Origin". I think it's just amazing Star Trek. <3

    1. Johnny! I agree with pretty much everything you've said here. I love both Blood Fever and Distant Origin and I love Voyager's handling of The Borg. They're a perfect nemesis for Voyager--which, I agree, is way underrated. I love this crew and this show (obviously) and that's part of why I'm doing what I'm doing this year (even though I'm way behind) because I feel like Voyager doesn't really get enough credit.

  2. More than just underrated... I think people resent Voyager for being more exciting than TNG. The biggest complaint I derive from reading any Trek fan feedback is "Voyager used the Borg too much, and defeated them/made it look easy!" When really, what Voyager did exceptionally well, was acknowledge their surroundings and maintain trajectory to examine the psychology of the Borg's motives and behaviour, thus finding more weaknesses than we previously knew (and fight their way all the way home as a solitary, plucky'lil Intrepid ship that gave the Borg a couple of bloody noses on the way.). TNG had high drama with the Borg (and lots of nostalgia) but Voyager showed you the nature of the Queen and the mechanics of the hive.


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